Healing our Communities through  Transformative Support of Individuals Returning from Incarceration.


Accountability, Confidence, Success.


What does the Ketchikan Reentry Coalition do?


Engagement & Success

The Ketchikan Reentry Coalition educates and raises awareness in the general public regarding the barriers and stigma reentrants face and facilitate our community in supporting successful reentry.

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Direct Services

The Ketchikan Reentry Coalition bridges the gaps between service providers and the justice system, working with Department of Corrections, behavioral & physical health providers, employers, landlords, tribal organizations, and community leaders to provide robust, holistic supports for reentrants.

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Community Assessments

The Ketchikan Reentry Coalition performs annual assessments of the community to identify and prioritize problems contributing to recidivism, associated barriers, community attitudes, resource needs, and service gaps. These assessments help guide coalition efforts and strategic planning as we work to support reentrants and the services they need.

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Social & Cultural Reintegration

The Ketchikan Reentry Coalition seeks to engage the public in taking ownership of the problem of recidivism, creating a safer community that supports the reintegration of reentrants, giving them the tools and resources they need to successfully reconnect with and contribute to Alaska’s First City.


promoting Resiliency

Dedicated to change.

We are dedicated to ensuring each reentrant gets a fair chance; our role is not to judge but to treat each individual as unique with their own situated struggles and barriers to overcome.